9/22 - TRIDEVI: An Indian Dance Drama Extravaganza

International Classical Art Connections (ICAC), a 501C3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting International Arts has joined hands with Nrithyanjali School Of Dance (NSOD) to present the dance drama production, ‘TRIDEVI‘. This production is being made possible due to the enthusiastic response from the Upstate communities in the Carolinas.

The event is a two hour long presentation. The Dance Drama Ballet – “TRIDEVI” is a beautiful combination of song, music, drama and dance and heightens the dramatic moments of the narratives through inclusion of exciting elements of emotions, war, celebration and dances, and a visual treat of mythical places, palaces, mountains, forests, battlefields and cosmic constellations. The music is to be provided by live professional orchestra with the assistance of a female and male vocalist, flutist, drummer (mridangam) and a violinist. 

This dance drama will showcase the cultural and spiritual values of India. It will be a visual treat to both adults and children alike, through the portrayal of characters from Mythology.

Come join & support us to help arts flourish right here in Upstate. Especially, art which brings to life the culture and values of a faraway civilization. Click HERE to buy tickets.

For additional information about this event, please visit www.NSOD.dance/tridevi. For more information on ICAC / NSOD, please visit www.icac-us.org and www.NSOD.dance