box tops

Box Tops are small tickets found on many popular everyday brands. For each Box Top that is redeemed, our school earns 10 cents. Want to help? It's Easy!

The NEW and improved Box Tops mobile app uses state-of-the-art technology to scan your store receipt, find participating products and instantly add Box Tops to our school's earnings online. Traditional Box Tops clips are being phased out of production but may continue to be found on many products as packages transition to the new Box Tops labels. You can still clip these and send them to school. Please make sure each clip has a valid expiration date. For more info, visit

We have a fall and spring Box Tops collection "blitz."  Stay tuned for more information.



friends Of buena vista

Friends of Buena Vista is a monetary donation, and when you give, 100% of the money stays at our school and is spent on our students during the current school year. We welcome and appreciate any dollar amount. Individuals, families, or businesses with a cumulative donation of $100.00 or more will be recognized in a weekly Newsflash and will receive a “Friends of BVES” car sticker. Your donation to Friends of Buena Vista is tax deductible and your check can serve as your receipt for tax purposes.  If you wish to make a direct donation to Friends of Buena Vista, please complete this FORM.

2015-10-09 083.JPG

bobcat Boulder

We have two Bobcat Boulders on school property that you can paint to recognize a birthday or other special event for your student.  You can rent one of the Bobcat Boulders for $10 per day and use your own paint and artistic flair to share your message.  The Car Line Boulder sits in front of the school at the entrance to the parking lot and is for our car riders.  The Back Path Boulder sits at the entrance to the back path in the rear of the school and is for our walkers.

Please do NOT reserve the rock to recognize teachers.  In order to free up space for student recognition, all teacher birthdays will be placed on the electronic sign out front.  

Pro tip: latex, acrylic, or spray paint all work well on the boulders. Have old latex paint sitting around your garage? Grab a roller and use it for a quick base coat. Or grab an affordable sample at Ace Hardware or Sherwin Williams. Also we can’t control the weather so there’s bound to be rain days the boulder is reserved. You get your day rain or shine! Some families have set up a tailgate tent to provide shelter while they get the job done. Happy painting!