Donate to Friends of Buena Vista!

Friends of Buena Vista is serving as the ONLY PTA fall fundraiser. We will not be asking you to sell anything, unlike our fundraisers in the past. When you give to Friends of Buena Vista, 100% of the money stays at Buena Vista and is spent on your child in the current school year to help support excellent programs and work in conjunction with the school to provide services, school activities, supplies, technology, school enhancements, and other items for students and their classrooms. Your donation to Friends of Buena Vista is tax deductible. Donation forms were sent home in the blue Tuesday folders or you can click HERE

$100+ donation – family will receive a Friends of Buena Vista gift, a car decal, and the family will be recognized in a weekly newsflash

Want to Pay Online?
Using your PayPal account, you can send us a donation directly from your bank account for free, or you can charge the donation to your credit card for a fee.  Simply log in to PayPal and use the “Send Money” feature to send your donation as a "Send to Friend” payment to  Use the “Add Note” section of the payment form to designate (1) Child(ren) Name(s) / Grade(s) / Teacher(s), (2) Family or Business Name for tax purposes, (3) Address, phone number and email address for tax purposes.  Click HERE for more detailed instructions.

If you have a question about the Friends of Buena Vista program please CONTACT US.