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This year’s Bobcat Bash t-shirt design is so fun, you’ll want to buy one for every member of your family! Stayed tuned for the 2019 Carnival T-Shirt reveal! Here’s a hint: Let’s get our SILLY on and have a blast at the Bash!

  • Youth - Small thru Large - $10

  • Adult - Small thru X-Large - $10

  • Adult - 2XL or 3XL - $12

To order with cash or check made out to Buena Vista PTA, a paper FORM will be sent home in Tuesday folders on October 8th. Orders forms and payment must be turned in to your child’s teacher by Wednesday, October 16th.

Orders using PayPal or credit card, will be available on this website beginning October 8th and are due by Wednesday, October 16th.

We will send the shirts home with your child a day or two before the event so you can wear them to Carnival!

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November 9 from 3:30 - 7:30pm

We’re not letting the threat of bad weather dampen our school spirit again! The Bobcat Bash is on for Friday, November 9, rain or shine!

Carnival is a Buena Vista family favorite, and it’s also one of the biggest fundraisers for the PTA. Many of the cool things we do for the school every year are possible because people like you support the Bobcat Bash. Organizers and the administration have put their heads together, and if the rain comes, there’s a backup plan. And a backup plan to the backup plan! No matter what…there will be rides! There will be games! There will be 200 cartons of confetti eggs and 500 cans of silly string! We will set up bounce houses in the gym, concessions and the silent auction in the cafeteria, and unless there is lightning, ZoomBall will still be outside under an inflatable tent. The bottom line is the kids will not be disappointed and neither will you. We might have to pull together to make some last-minute adjustments, but we know with our school family, anything is possible.


An event of this size requires dozens of volunteers, donations, and many months of planning and hard work. In the Countdown to Carnival, our committee chairs need a lot of help to meet their deadline. If you’re not already on a committee and want to help during the weeks leading up to Carnival, please CONTACT US. We will have one of our Bobcat Bash co-chairs get back with you as soon as possible.

Carnival SET-UP HELP

Set-up for the Bobcat Bash will begin on Thursday, November 9.. No experience necessary!  Show up any time from 9am to noon

All volunteers helping with carnival prep and set-up during school hours will need to check in at the front office and get a sticker.

The day of the Carnival, Friday, November 8th, we will need all hands on deck from morning drop-off to 3pm. Lunch is on us! Low-impact jobs include finishing the paper flowers, filling confetti eggs, and sorting prizes. Tougher jobs include lifting, moving, and setting up the heavy things (Dads, big brothers, uncles, super buff moms, we are talking to you!).


Most of the set-up will be done before the first official Carnival volunteer shift starts at 3. The SignUpGenius is live, so if you have a favorite booth, claim your spot now! Once again, we didn’t assign the booths to specific classes this year, so you have more flexibility. You just pick a time and place that works for you, sign up, then show up!

Your children are also welcome to work with you. There’s no need to get someone to watch them during your Carnival shift. Let them help by taking tickets, handing out prizes, or any other age-appropriate activity at your booth.

First-time volunteers, don’t let those 3-4pm or 7-8pm slots intimidate you. “Set up” and “tear down” might sound hard if you’ve never done it, but those are actually the easiest shifts of the event! Most of the set-up is finished by the time the 3pm volunteers arrive, and for many booths, the tear-down at 7:30 is not much more than turning in the tickets you collected. That leaves only 30 minutes of actually running the booth!

Here’s a LIST of Carnival booths and their descriptions. 


Organizers are looking for middle and high school students who are willing to help with this fabulous fundraiser! This year, volunteers get to choose where they want to work instead of being assigned to a specific booth. That means if your child wants to work with her BFF in the face-painting booth, they can sign up together! Click here to sign up for BOOTHS AND CONCESSIONS.

We are especially looking for volunteers that can give 2 or 4 hours of their time to be Spooky Lab Talent - that not-so-scary spectacle needs volunteers who are willing to go all out and play characters who might creep the kids out a little…but not TOO much! The longer shifts help decrease transition issues like costume changes and training. Click HERE to email us about your interest in being a character in the Spooky Lab.


  • SIGN UP to claim your spot fast

  • Check in at the volunteer table set up at the Carnival entrance before your shift (This applies only to people volunteering after school during the carnival).

  • The 3-4pm slots include last-minute booth set-up.

  • The 7-8pm slots include breaking down.